Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 55: Bikram Yoga Challenge: Eight Days of Doubles Done!

Just finished my 8th day of doubles, 2 Bikram Yoga classes a day and I am just 5 days away from finishing my 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge! I'm so excited! I've been having some up and down days over the last few days, feeling a little tired and worn out one day and then the next, rocking it out in yoga. I guess that is what happens, I asked another guy going to training with me about his "doubles" week and he said he had good and bad days.

Having some moments of frustration. It's frustrating to me when I got to class and can't do a pose the same way I did yesterday, or in the case of the second class, the same as I just did earlier in the day. My most annoying pose lately is Padahastasana, Hands to Feet Pose. I almost always can lock out my knees but lately it is always a guessing game as to whether my knees are going to lock out or not. Part of the problem is my left sciatic nerve I hurt last year pushing myself to do an advanced pose I shouldn't have done.Straightening my leg and locking my knee creates a tremendous amount of pressure and pain, but just in my left leg. The other part of the problem? I think it is just an issue of being tight/sore/fatigued from practicing twice a day and every day for the last 55 days.

Am I worried about my practice or my health? No. My practice will be fine, in fact, the 60 Day Challenge has really helped me focus and be more in tune with my body and tiny corrections I need to make. And my health? My health is fine. My sciatic nerve will heal and some day, hopefully soon, I will be a true Japanese Ham Sandwich, no light anywhere.

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  1. Wow, 8 days of doubles...that's really impressive. For my 60 day I managed to do one practice every day, no skips, no doubles. And, trust me, that was tough, too. I can't imagine doing 8 days of doubles. Ok, maybe I can. ;-)

    I will tell you that even doing one practice a day for 60 days, there were ups and downs. Always felt great after a practice, but getting to some of them and getting started was tough--mentally, emotionally and physically. Things got particularly tough around day 42 and that lasted until about day 53. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to read/hear about your teacher training.


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