Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 44: Bikram Yoga Challenge - Cat's Do Not Belong in Hot Yoga

My sweet cat Ginger

Sixteen more days in my Bikram Yoga 60 Day Challenge! I am just two classes behind, easily made up with a few doubles. What an adventure, it is like running a race but for 60 days! I've been taking the last few days easy since I ran the 5K and half marathon this past weekend. Going to class but not trying to kill myself every time. I still need to make it through another 16 days of which 7 need to be doubles as part of my preparation for training...then I need to still go through 9 weeks of 2 classes a no need to blow it out of the water today! I have to say though, I am tired of Ginger, my cat, joining me in class via my towel, it is the most annoying thing to have a tiny hair sticking to your nose, mouth or eyelid and no amount of wiping will get rid of it. This issue consumed my practice today after I realized I must have washed my yoga towel with a towel Ginger had shed all over, the whole thing is full of cat hair!

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets help prevent lint or cat hair from sticking to fabrics but you can't use these on a yoga towel, they coat the fibers somehow and that prevents the towel from being absorbent, defeating the purpose of a HOT yoga towel. So I dry my towels with dryer balls, which are fantastic, they bounce around in the dryer and help fluff up the clothes and they do basically what dryer sheets do but they don't add a coating of anything to the fibers. The only downside I have found is the cat hair sticks to more things when dryer sheets are not used. This normally isn't a problem, I buy sticky rollers by the case for quick clothing fixes but my towel? Who knew I would need to roll that with a sticky roller?

As I laid on my towel with my mouth down for Locust Pose, I was met with a mouth full of cat hair, yuck! I imagine it stuck to my lips just the same as if I had kissed my darn cat with wet lips, all her fur would have stuck to me! And you can't wipe the darn stuff away no matter how hard you try...for whatever reason, cat hair just sticks. So the whole time we are on the floor I was wiping my face trying to get tiny cat hairs off me. So distracting.

And does Ginger care? No. She could care less, all she wants is a warm lap to cuddle up in, clean water, more food and a clean litter box. It's nice she likes to be close to me and cuddle but I'd rather she didn't come to yoga with me.

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