Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too Cold to Hold was Indeed COLD

From 2010 Too Cold to Hold 15K

Today was a cold one! I suppose that is why they call the 15K event, Too Cold to Hold; it was certainly COLD! It wasn't as cold as on New Years Day, that was just crazy cold but it was still very nippy. It was a good run even so. I had lots of friends there and afterward we went to Ozona for breakfast. Yum!

As usual, I hadn't trained for this 15K run unless you consider running 3 miles a week prior training. I'm not suggesting this is a good method of preparing for long runs, it makes running more challenging, things hurt a lot more and it is harder to keep a good pace. Proof I need to train more came to me when I tried to run the 3 miles a week before Too Cold to Hold and almost died on the treadmill. So why don't I train? You can read why in my other post, "Who Really Needs to Train for a Long Running Event?" 

The run started off slow, both Rhonda  and I wanted to stop almost as soon as we started! After a few miles we were feeling a little better about getting up early and running in the cold. We made it to about 3.5 miles before I thought to my self I wanted to be done. Neither one of us had trained and were feeling it. We both talked about how we were not trying to win the race though, we were just trying to finish. This thought kept surfacing throughout the run and helped us feel better about our speed and how the run was going. We were about at mile 7 when we calculated we could finish at about 1:50. By mile 8 we reconsidered our possible finish time. As we ran around the bend and I saw the mile 9 sign, I thought for sure we could do it...but we were both exhausted and not wanting to injure something before teacher training, I agreed to walk for a minute. Then, these two girls we had been switching lead with came up behind us and that seemed to motivate each of us and I turned to Rhonda and said, "lets go", she agreed with "You were thinking what I was thinking." No way we were going to let those nice ladies beat us!

We ran in the last .3 and sprinted to the end for a final time of 1:50:31. I consider that making 1:50 finish time. Today was a good run, harder than it needed to be but in the end, we finished. This was event 2 of my 24 I plan to finish this year as part of the 2010 Bike Run Yoga Challenge. Just 22 more to go!

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  1. i'll trade times with you. i was on pace to finish around 2:00:00 but i bonked BIG TIME at mile 7. i came in at 2:11:17 AND if that isn't pitiful enough for you, i was THE LAST MALE to finish. (*woeful wailing ensues*) lol

    Congrats to the both of you for fighting through it and finishing.


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