Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who Really Needs to Train for a Long Running Event?

My trainer always asks me, "are you going to run this week?" As if training for a long run was something I traditionally did! I haven't properly trained for any run, even the two half marathons I did this year, except for the marathon I ran with Team in Training. Training to me is a task and I am a master at procrastinating tasks. This doesn't seem to bode well for my running events.

In true form, I have not trained for the Too Cold to Hold 15k run this weekend. Why? Mostly because I just don't want to and a little because I have been really busy. These aren't good excuses I know but if you are thinking to yourself that I am weird, crazy, etc., just reread the comment above about procrastination.

I ran in a New Years Day 5 mile run that I thought was only a 5k and wasn't very happy about it, see previous post. I had mentally prepared to run 5k, was in no condition to run 5 miles! Remembering that event made me think this week I MIGHT want to actually run a little to prepare for the 15k. Just a little though, don't want to actually over achieve and be prepared for a running event.

After yoga yesterday I went to the gym to run three miles. I think to myself, three miles will be easy, no problem. Right, no problem...uh, think again. I get on the treadmill, I am all pumped up and ready to go, I got my ipod all set up and start off at a nice 5.7 pace. (I'm not the fastest running, just determined.) After a mile my side hurts like someone stuck a knife in my abs...I walk. Wholly cow I think...this is HARD. What the heck?

I keep going, at a slower pace...and I can only make it to 1.5 miles before I have to walk I walk I consider only going 2 miles and calling it a day. But I've already posted on twitter and facebook that I am running 3 miles, I can't just run 2, that is quitting. Ugh I think....fine...I am now pissed at myself and force myself to run 1.5 more. One good thing about posting what I PLAN on doing is it actually makes me do it.

I love it when a fast, up beat song comes on, I get energized and feel motivated to run. At mile 2 Candy Shop by Madonna comes on...I'm moving now! By the time the song is over I am almost at 2.5 miles...almost done!

I keep running and try to calculate how long it will take me to song? Two songs...6 minutes? This pondering goes on for another minute reducing the total distance to just under .4 miles. I so have this! At .2 miles I am so done, I increase the speed to 6.7 and just run my little legs to death until I finished. Three miles done in 36 minutes. Not my best time but I did it and I didn't die.

I did 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga and ran three miles....I consider that a good day. I'm going for 5 miles on Friday. The Too Cold to Hold is Sunday morning, let's hope I run better than I did running 3!


  1. 90 minutes of Bikram + anything is great! Well done!

  2. i've always trained for all my long distance events, except for one marathon where i tanked really bad a mile 15. i shamefully boarded the sag-wagon back to the start.

    i'm a little concerned. i'm also registered for the Too Cold To Hold - 15K and due to being sick over the holidays, and life in general, i just haven't trained as well as i'd prefer.

    Fortunately, i've already started my regimen of hydration and fueling and cutting out those foods that i just shouldn't be eating anyway, lol.

    In addition, i'll just dial back my interval settings to a more conservative setting to make sure i get a maximum amount of running out of the event.

    GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you do well.

  3. Tracik, couldn't agree more!

    Robert, Good Luck to you too! Please write when you are done and let me know how you did. If you are interested, sign up for the 2010 Challenge! (see side bar link)

    -Bike Run Yoga


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