Thursday, January 21, 2010

I hate bendy people behind me in yoga class

From Sat.ChampionWorkshop
I hate bendy people behind me in yoga class, they makes me so competitive. 

Don't you hate it when you end up next to a bendy, flexible person in yoga class? I do. I particularly find it annoying when they are right behind me, they end up in my peripheral sight line and I am always aware they are going deeper than me and that makes me push myself more. This happened today, a lovely lady sat behind me that is known for being super bendy. Whatever right? I mean, she is at least 12 years younger than me...I shouldn't think I can compete with a twenty-something.

And THAT is the annoying part. Not that I can or can't compete with a twenty-something...that I even NOTICED there was a bendy person behind me. I'm suppose to be focused on myself and not worry about others. One of the great things about yoga for me is it isn't a competition with others in the room. My 90 minute practice is for me, I am suppose to go to my deepest points, do my best stretching...not go deeper or try harder because some young bendy person is behind me.

I was almost done with class when I realized I had forgotten about the bendy lady and was just focusing on myself. I guess that means the yoga is working. I'd like to learn how to lose sight of people outside of the room too! Maybe that will come with more yoga....and so...I'll keep going. Namaste


  1. Ha! Loosing sight of people outside the room? That that would be a GREAt trick! Happy practicing :)

  2. Great post. I can totally relate. I have had the same experience when I have been next to someone really bendy in Bikram. Although, I think mine is a combination of competition and fear that I will look like a corpse that is 3 days post rigamortis when compared to the really bendy person. But, towards the end of the practice, I realize that I never even noticed them. Thanks for the making me laugh today. Looks like we enjoy the same tri, by the way. I am a cyclist (I coach for TNT in fact), i've run a marathon with TNT and I am loving Bikram.

  3. Steven, Thanks for the comments! What chapter of TNT do you coach for? Are you in Dallas? What events do you have coming up?

  4. I coach for the MI chapter. I'm the head cycling coach for the metro Detroit area. We are kicking off two great rides on Wednesday--America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe and for the first time ever we are doing Seattle to Portland --2 days, 202 miles. I went out and did the ride last year and it's awesome. These will be my 7th and 8th events as the Cycling Coach for TNT. In '08 I ran the Mayor's Midnight Run in Alaska as a TNT participant. Which events have you done with them?


  5. Steven,

    I trained with TNT for the first time in 2009 for the San Diego Marathon. It was an amazing experience. My coach, coach Joe, asked me if they had given me the running bug, I was adamant in my answer of no. But after that race, I self trained for my second century ride (Hotter N Hell) and with a friends coaxing, decided running, cycling and yoga were a good threesome.

    I would have been a mentor this upcoming season but with yoga teacher training starting soon, I was unable to commit. Maybe next year.

    Your events so wonderful! I want to ride the Lake Tahoe ride sometime, maybe next year.


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