Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ran the DFW Farm Truck 5K today, five events done, 7 more to go!

Although the DFW Farm Truck 5K was fun, I'm not sure it was really a 5K. I finished at about 29 minutes and I stopped at all four stations. I heard one person after the race say they thought there was about a half a mile left, which would make more sense, another half mile might have put me more at 34 - 34:30. Either way, it was a fun run and marks the completion of event 5 of 12, just 7 more to go in my Bike Run Yoga Challenge.

Starting line
Before we started the run they wanted us to back up so the camera crew could get us all in the shot; they were planning on doing a live start for channel 5. A live start is fine but why do we have to back up past the start line? Can't the cameras move up? Seemed a little strange, others thought so too, I heard a few rumblings about the silliness. 

I was  a little concerned about running today because I did a Nike Training Club workout yesterday which consisted mostly of leg exercises and my quads were so tight, I could barely walk today, I wasn't completely sure I could lift my legs for and entire 5k! I started off slow, I could feel my muscles revolting but an amazing thing happens when you set your mind to something...the body tends to respond. My legs moved and I kept breathing.

At the first farm station we picked up a plastic egg and scooped up some dirt. At the second station we pulled seeds out of pods and stuck them in the dirt. Even though these weren't the stations they described in the initial information about the race it was still fun and I left with something that will hopefully grow into a beautiful flower!

At station three we got water, for the plant....this is about 20 minutes in. I was thinking, where is my water? The plant gets water first? Then I see ahead a water station. All smiles.

Station four was pollinating a fake flower with a fake bug and getting a sticker for the egg, which I wrapped around the egg to keep it closed.

And then the finish!

I can't wait to plant my race bib and find out what great things sprout. My egg is proudly sitting on the windowsill.

Farm Truck!
The best part of the race? Kids.

Along the course I see a father and his son, the son is off to the side and the dad says to the son, "just walk". The son takes off running and tells his dad he has to run, that is how he gets power and water.

Then I hear a kid in a stroller, "I need power!" "More power! Dad, run!"

The dad says, "I am running."

Kid, "Faster dad, we need more power!"

LMAO. Hey kid, you try running pushing a stroller!

More blankets

Blankets they made for donated fabric for the first 100 participants


  1. I don't think it was 5k. I finished in 20:45, which is six minutes faster than my normal pace. I went home and did a maprun, which it came out to be only 2.32 miles. Not sure what happened there.

  2. I plotted the route on Gmaps pedometer and it came out to 2.5 miles. That matches the first place overall finisher's estimation at the end of the race.

    It was such a fun and well organized event otherwise, why shortchange us on the race distance?


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