Monday, April 9, 2012

A quick 10 minute workout to get the day started right

ZWOW #12

Just finished Zuzana Light ZWOW workout #12. I managed to keep up with her, sort of, except for at the end I didn't do as many pistols, or as well. Can anyone get that low doing a pistol? Wow. It looks easy but try it, it is harder than heck.This workout has three exercises, pistol, low jack and dynamic burpees. Seems simple till you try it!

I'm not a big "you tuber", I found out about Zuzana Light through a friend who said this lady rocked. I was skeptical about 10 minutes and videos on You Tube but this lady IS amazing! I am going to try and do these videos a couple of times a week.

I did zwow #11 last week, it too was hard, at least in that one I was able to keep up with her. Now keeping up with her is relative right? I mean, my form isn't as good as hers and I might not go as deep as her but I survived and I consider that a win.

Does anyone else do these workouts? How do you like them? Have a better video workout to recommend? 

ZWOW #11

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