Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Manduka Hot Yoga Towel is the Best Towel for Bikram Yoga

Manduka has a new color in their Hot Yoga towel! Vintage Violet is a beautiful soft, muted purple; I love it! I can't wait for these to come into the studio, they will sell lot hot cakes.

The Manduka Hot Yoga towel is the best towel ever for Bikram Yoga or other hot yoga. It is double terry, very soft and absorbs and insane amount of sweat. Every time I use mine I am amazed; I lift up my towel and after 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga and my mat is bone dry, all the sweat is in my towel! Why is this so great?! It is great because the mat doesn't get saturated with sweat. Usually sweat gets stuck in the mat, resulting in bacteria getting embedded into the mat. With the Manduka towel the mat stays clean and fresh, a light spray of mat spray and that's it!

I've tried a lot of towels. I have several four yogitoes, a kulae towel and two Manduka Hot Yoga towels, the Manduka towel by far is my favorite for Bikram Yoga. I love my other towels too but for a really hot, sweaty yoga class, the extra absorbency is a must.

What towels do you like when you practice?


  1. I couldn't find a natural fiber alternative to synthetic microfiber yoga towels so I designed my own. It's the PadaPath hemp yoga towel. I'm doing a campaign to get them into yoga studios if your interested in seeing a video about them.

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