Thursday, January 27, 2011

Any Publicity is Good Publicity, Right?!

As long as they are talking about you, your product or your service, it's good right? Even if it's bad, the world is still talking about you, making buzz, generating interest, getting your name out. At least this is what the old feeling is of publicity.

To some degree this is true. Bikram Yoga is case in point. I tell people I teach Bikram Yoga and they kind of look at me funny. I immediately follow it up with "it's hot yoga." OH! they say.....then the conversation stops because most people don't know much about yoga and especially about hot yoga.

Lately though when I mention Bikram Yoga I get different looks and some say, "oh, I read that article, wow." Yea yea, ok, so there was an article written about Bikram and his teacher training in San Diego. And sure, some of it was sensational and scandalous. But isn't that just good marketing? Bikram has the world talking about him and his yoga.

Soon after the article came out there was a blog post discussing the poor way people talk about yoga and how many people view yoga.

"The sad thing is that anyone encountering any of the above could easily get totally uninterested in yoga and all the majority-white, narcissistic American Apparel models that allegedly dominate it. And they would be missing out." ~ What's wrong with how we talk about yoga
I read both and thought both had interesting points. But what I like most about it is people are TALKING about yoga and TRYING it. That is the best part. 


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  1. I am always interested in yoga. I enjoyed taking classes when I was younger but it seems to be getting more and more expensive. I have a hard time committing to it financially. I understand that you are paying for a service and someone's time to teach you and teach you well. I just am cheap! LOL!!


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