Friday, January 28, 2011

3M Half Marathon, Austin, Texas

The 3M half marathon is this weekend in Austin, Texas. I'm excited to go down, Austin is a great place to run. Not that I'm running this weekend! I haven't serious run since the White Rock Relay Marathon. I find it hard to get motivated to run when my fingers and toes get frozen the minute I walk outside.

I have a friend running though, it is her first half marathon. I'm very exited for her, it is a big accomplishment. I know a few years ago when I ran my first one I felt amazing. It was a huge deal to me, it was the longest distance I had ever run and just months before I had never run more than a 5k and I'd never even run a full 5K without walking. 

If anyone is running this weekend, good for you, hope it is the best run of your life! I'll be cheering you on and wishing you good thoughts each mile.

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