Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Resolutions? Nah, just go with the flow.....

It's 2011, start of a new year, time to make resolutions I guess. I see lots of blog posts, tweets, facebook posts and the like declaring resolutions; things people intend to keep up with throughout 2011 in hopes of bettering their life. Not me. I think I stopped making resolutions somewhere in my twenties. Resolutions to me are merely a proclamation of what one hopes to do with little substance or concept of how to accomplish said resolution. Who really keeps these things going anyway? And why does it take the beginning of a new year to make us decide we need to start a new path/goal/plan?

If you want to make a resolution to do something, you can do that at any time. No need for the new year to start to get moving! Except it seems most people like to have the comradery of others in their efforts to better themselves. So it makes sense people like to make resolutions all at the same time and I suppose the beginning of a year is a good time, new year, new beginning, etc.

As I mentioned before, I am not making any resolutions. But I am thinking I need to do something to commit more to writing in my blog on a more regular basis. Now I say it isn't a resolution because frankly, I don't want to even commit THAT much by publicly saying I am going to write x times more each week. At this point I'm just THINKING about it. But it does need to be done, me committing more to writing.

I think with quitting my job, going to yoga teacher training and trying to start a new career teaching yoga life got in the way and I didn't have time or the energy to really write down what was going on. And truly, not a lot has been going on! I ran in a few races but not as many as I wanted. I biked even less this year and my yoga competition this year was not worth writing about.

But all in all I would say 2010 was a pretty good and lots happened in the beginning of the year...hence the large amount of posts in the first part of the 2010. I quit my executive job of 11 years to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher. I went to teacher training in Las Vegas for 9 weeks. That was huge. There are a whole host of reasons teacher training could have been a huge challenge. You can read my posts from earlier this year if you want to know more. After teacher training I came back and started teaching at Bikram Yoga Dallas.

Lately I have been on a craft kick. I started knitting again and made a few things for my etsy site. I actually sold some things this year!  Check it out..and while you are there, buy something! It will help me continue to teach and still be able to afford Fuzzy's Tacos.

So there you have it. My wrap up for 2010. Fulfill your resolutions or don't. No worries. If you fail to keep up what you said you would do, don't beat yourself up, there are more days left in the year - just make a new resolution and start over. We say in Bikram Yoga, "try the right way, giving 100% effort and you will get all the benefits." Same goes for resolutions I think. Try. Give it 100% effort. Receive the benefits.


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