Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mind is a Wander-er, as if it has a Mind of its Own

I don't know about the rest of you but for me, it doesn't matter how I look, I always manage to find something to nit pick. And today was no different. I was in Bikram Yoga class, standing perfectly still in between postures and looked down at my stomach. As I stared at it I noticed how it pooched out just ever so slightly and the edge of my shorts made a small crescent shaped curve around my tummy, coming in at each hip. Then my mind wandered and wondered if it was the late 80's or the mid 90's when it seemed like having a pooch-y stomach was in and girls started having bad posture and not tightening their stomach muscles.

I think it was the 90's. I was a little bigger then and not just pooch-y in the stomach, it was sort of an all around poof. I use to see girls in tank tops with the front ever so slightly riding up to show just a bit of their tummy. It seemed so sexy to me then. Now not so much. I would much rather have a flat, rock hard stomach than a pooch-y one, even if pooch-y is "in".

As I twisted and turned in class I started to get a taste in my mouth....what is that? Oh, right, it is residual taste from the protein shake I drank before class. That is not a good sign. And then, there it is...the uncomfortable feeling like my stomach is a balloon being stretched to its fullest capacity. And seriously people, you can't do a forward bend when your tummy is a balloon. Just isn't fun AT ALL.

I made it through class but it was a struggle. Sad too because other than that I felt like I had a strong class. So the moral of the story is don't drink Muscle Milk or any protein shake before class, only AFTER class. And stop thinking about it too! The mind is suppose to be IN the the present moment...not thinking of how the stomach is pooching out, or why it gets dark so early now, or what there is for dinner or all the work that needs to be, the mind is suppose to be focused on the room, the posture and yourself. They say we only use 10% of our brains anyway, certainly we can't spare any of the 10% to think about other things!

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