Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fit Flops are my 12th man

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When you need a helping hand, Fit Flops can be YOUR 12th man! Fit Flops help tone your legs and bottom! 

I love Fit Flops! I got some last year after I read about them in a magazine, I think I wore them all year, any time I wasn't working. The rest of my flip flops are collecting dust. I just received my new Fit Flop Lounge Slippers which really are clogs; I love them!

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If you aren't familiar with Fit Flops, they are shoes made from micor-wobbleboard technology which helps work out your legs and bottom because you are constantly making minor changes to stay balanced. It isn't like you are going to fall over, you don't even notice you are trying to stabilize yourself, that is the best part! They are great support for your feet too. I wear my all day and walk around and my feet never hurt.

I wore mine during ACL Fest in Austin, Texas which is a 3 day music festival. I wore them the entire time and my feet felt great. Previous years, my feet have felt tired and achy.

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I got myself some "ugg-like" boots recently and wore then for 5-6 hours shopping after Christmas, my feet were killing me! And my feet hurt for days afterwards. Doing balancing postures in yoga were difficult, my feet felt strained all the time.

But not with Fit Flops! They are the best shoe I have ever owned, period.

Fit Flops Help:

  • Improve leg, calf and glute muscles
  • Improve posture
  • Mimic walking barefoot 
  • Improves muscle tone
If you are interested in getting some, I suggest shopping around. I got my latest ones at Amazon. Free shipping and easy returns make Amazon my choice .


  1. Since you are into yoga, you should check out Earth Footwear. The design is based on the Tadasana pose. So many cute styles (AWESOME boots) and great toning benefits!

  2. Ha! I love my UGGS and my Fit Flops! :)


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