Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bikram Yoga on Christmas Eve, a New Tradition

I went to Bikram Yoga today, love that the Austin Bikram Yoga Studio had several classes today, it gave me an opportunity to get some holiday stuff done and still make it to yoga. I've been sick with a nasty head cold for the last few days so I haven't done much but eat and sleep. I've been feeling piggy and sluggish, was SO glad to finally feel well enough to go to class!

I went to the new downtown studio on 5th street in Austin. It was a full class so I quickly set up my mat and set out my package of kleenex in case my nose decided to act up. Class was just short of wonderful, which, for being sick is really very good. I did all of the standing series, only not fully staying in Standing Bow Pulling Pose, but I at least DID all the postures, a mile stone for me in my sickly condition.

I was really quite impressed, I thought I would have a mildly adequate class since I hadn't been since Saturday and I was still under the weather. Instead I had a pretty strong class with only minor setbacks. My equilibrium was off so my balancing series was not as good as it could have been and my shoulder and back muscles were noticabley sore from laying around for the last several days.

In the floor series I was shocked at myself when we did Full Locust Pose and my chest shot up like I was going to fly off the ground. I was like Whoa! what is that?! Catherine the teacher even said I looked good! It was so weird, like my body picked that moment to say it was fine and on the mend. Second set I thought, lets see how high I go, maybe that was a fluke. And then boom, second set, same thing, wham....flying again! This is the type of thing that make the body so amazing, you can be sick and not have practiced in days and yet the body remembers and when it wants to show off, well, it does.
Now off to enjoy Christmas Eve with the family. Enjoy your holiday and don't forget to go to yoga! Namaste

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