Monday, December 31, 2012

Workout Equipment isn't a Place to Store Stuff?!

Happy New Year! As 2012 winds down, many people, including me, think of making resolutions. My philosophy lately has been to make a resolution I know I can accomplish, get up every day, drink coffee every morning, feed the cat daily, etc. You get the idea. Nothing too dramatic like reduce spending by X, or eat only healthy food, or workout x times a week. I did sort of make a resolution for 2012 to complete 12 events as part of the Bike Run Yoga Challenge, sadly this didn't happen. I had 14 possible events picked out and only made it to seven.

This is what happens though right? I always say "life gets in the way". There are always so many things, people, needs pulling you in all sorts of directions, hard to carve out a few minutes for yourself to take care of your health.

I met a personal trainer the other day, he wants to start practicing Bikram yoga, he commented he is very tight, hardly stretches. We discussed his many athletic endeavors and years of activities that damaged the body. I asked him what he told his clients about stretching and we both had a chuckle because of course he tells his clients they need to stretch and the importance of stretching but he doesn't do it himself. Easier to fix other people than yourself.

So this year, I'm going to go out on a limb and post it here....I am resolving to do a better job is using my workout equipment as it intended and not as a shelf, table or doorstop.

What resolutions or goals have you made for yourself?

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