Saturday, September 8, 2012

DaLat Pho Restaurant Review - Might be my new pho place!

Vegetable Pho with accouterments 
I buy a lot of "deal" vouchers. I get email from Daily Candy, Voice Daily Deals, Living Social, at least two Groupon cities at any one time, KGB deals, Amazon Deals, and a site called Yipit sends a recap email daily of all the deals in categories I already selected. This is besides all the emails I get from businesses.

For the most part I use the deals, there have only been a few, maybe two that I ever forgot to use. And yes, I know, I can probably go back and get at least what I paid and use it towards a visit, but really, if I couldn't make it in when the deal was going on, what makes me think I am going...ever?! My mom recently was giving me a hard time for NOT using the deals I buy, I just bought a deal for a place in Austin and forgot to use it when I was there. Since then I have made a concerted effort to find my deals and USE them!

Today was a special day, I used TWO deals! I bought the Starbucks Deal off Living Social earlier this week. It was $10 worth of Starbucks. That was a no brainer. I bought it, loaded the value onto my Starbucks card and enjoyed a latte and smoothie. Fifty percent off at Starbucks is ALWAYS good.

I also used my DaLat voucher I got a few weeks ago on Voice Daily Deals. It was $10 for $20 worth of Pho. DaLat is a cute place, well lit and has plenty of seating, even two areas to sit outside. My friend and I sat in the patio area along the side. We ordered shrimp spring rolls as an appetizer and two vegetable pho.

Khanh, the owner has a condiment bar set up inside so you get get as much, or as little of the typical pho accouterments; basil, cilantro, jalapeno's, bean sprouts, lime, hot sauce and a few new ones, pickled red onions and one other I can't think remember. (I went back for more bean sprouts.)

The food was good. Spring rolls looked like spring rolls and came with a nice smooth peanut sauce. Pho broth had good flavor and there were adequate amount of noodles in the soup. The vegetable pho came with tofu, which maybe I should have known but since I didn't I had to pick it off. Not really a big deal, but next time I will definitely say no tofu so they don't have to waste it.

The vegetables appeared to be baby bok choy, carrots and green onions. I would have liked some broccoli and/or mushrooms. I usually ask for extra vegetables when I get pho. I specifically didn't this time to see their regular portion; I think for my taste I will ask for extra vegetables in the future.

Tangmosa with Pho! 
Khanh even offered us a Tangmosa on the house. (He might have seen me posting about his restaurant on facebook and foursquare.) :) What is a Tangmosa? It is champagne and Tang. Yes, that's right, they serve Tang. Sadly I didn't grow up on Tang so I am not a fan. The drink tasted like Tang and champagne; if you like Tang, this would probably please you. I am more interested to try their White Rabbit shot which apparently tastes like fruit loops.

I definitely will be going back. If you need a good pho place and live in Dallas, I suggest driving by and trying some pho. They are open from 11 am - 2 am so there is plenty of time to get your pho on!

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