Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Run Because I Thought I Never Could - National Running Day

I started running as an effort to get out, be social and meet people that were healthier than myself. I wasn't set on running, I just wanted to find a social activity. At a friends recommendation I went to a Team in Training meeting to sign up. I wanted to do a sprint tri and called my good friend in Atlanta to see if she wanted to do it with me. Somehow she convinced me a marathon would be way more fun and I ended up signing up to run in the 2009 San Diego Marathon! Keep in mind, I hadn't run any distance really to speak of EVER. I had completed a few 5K's to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation but I have never run the entire 5K. A marathon was going to be a feat.

Here is my post about my marathon

It was an amazing journey and I am proud to say that years later, I am still running. Not marathons maybe but I am still running and that in itself is a win.

I never thought I would run. Years ago I tried and a boyfriend of mine laughed at the way I ran. This embarrassed me so much I decided not to run. I actually stopped just about all athletic activity. It wasn't until sometime later, long after the boyfriend was gone, that I even ventured into a gym.

What I learned while training for my marathon is everyone runs funny. Some people run on the sides of their feet, some people lean way far forward, some people sort of hobble, some people run on the balls of their feet, etc. The point is they run. They are trying and they are being who they are. So I run because I never thought I could...and I can.

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