Friday, January 13, 2012

Dabbling my feet in the running waters

I finally signed up for another race! Albeit a 5k, it is still a race and it is still running...or jogging as I learned earlier last year. Whatever right, I am attempting to get back out there and see the world one mile at a time.

It's been awhile since I have been out on a run; I think my last run was on Thanksgiving day when I ran 5 miles in Austin. I've been in kind of a fitness slump and skating by on the bare minimum effort.

I was reminded yesterday by a good friend that  three things are necessary for improvement. We have a theory in Bikram Yoga, perhaps this applies to lots of things....consistency, precision, intensity. In speaking to my friend I admitted I am a little lazy and I don't try hard at working out...running, yoga, biking, etc.

I did my best running when I ran with Team in Training where I was at least a little accountable to someone else for running. I even trained pretty decent for the Hotter n Hell 100 mile ride. This might have been because the fear of riding for 6 plus hours with no training was worse that slacking off. And in yoga I like group classes so I have someone telling me what to do.

Even when I had a gym membership, I never went unless my trainer was there training me and I certainly never paid attention to what she was doing as far as adjusting the machines and putting on weight. I could never do it myself...I have no idea how those machines work.

Consistency is hard. One reason so many running magazines tell you to sign up for a race is because once you do that, you kind of have to least put your running shoes on and appear to have run a few miles. If you don't, you can end up like me, running a half marathon with no training and seriously messing up your hip. I don't recommend it; even months later I could barely run a 5K without my hip popping and having sever pain. 

Consistency...Step One - Sign up for a race. Check! Step Two- Train! Step Three - Run Race! Step Four - Repeat!

This 5k, which I have to admit is funny to me because it is called the Texas Half 5k, is hopefully one of many. I'm going to make concerted effort to finish my own challenge, completing 12 events in 2012. Anyone with me?

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