Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Bike Run Yoga Challenge is HERE!! Complete 12 Events in 12 months!

Bike Run Yoga…that’s my tri is about being healthy and doing what you love. I personally am not a fan, yet, of swimming so my ideal triathlon would be one where I could Bike, Run and do Yoga. This is the fourth year of the challenge. In 2009 I completed 12 events, in 2010 I completed 16. Even though I didn't reach my goal of 24 events, I still feel I did an amazing job. It's not so much about completing 24 events as it is about getting out there and being healthy and having fun. Last year was a hard year; I didn't train well and injured my hip running a half marathon with little to no training.

Join me in this awesome personal challenge where you are sure to find out many things about yourself, perhaps the most important is that you can do anything you set your mind to. You CAN do it!

2012 Bike Run Yoga Challenge
How to enter:
1.      Post a Comment on this blog post that you are committing to the challenge
2.      Follow the Bike Run Yoga blog

  1. Make a commitment to the challenge (this means post a comment on this blog post and tell me you are doing the challenge)
  2. Complete 12 events (Tri, duathlon, run, ride, swim, yoga or other organized event)
  3. Must be a finisher at the event (we use the honor system for verification)
  4. Submit your events, email address, full name and shipping address to Bike Run Yoga no later than January 5, 2013.
What do you get? 

A free Bike Run Yoga T-shirt with all your events listed on the back. The events will be listed on the back with the name of the event and the event date. It will be custom made for you and shipped to you in 4-6 weeks.

Not enough incentive? 

Get paid to complete events! Buy a Bike Run Yoga T-shirt and wear it at your event. For every picture you send in with a Bike Run Yoga Shirt on and your number, Bike Run Yoga will give you $5. You must complete the Challenge to be eligible and all funds will be paid upon completion of the Challenge.

Good Luck! I hope you will join me in this awesome challenge!
Questions? click here to email me.

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