Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bike Run Yoga Zumba?! My first Zumba class

I've been wanting to expand my fitness activity and have noticed a lot of great deals on sites like Groupon for Zumba, rock climbing, cross fit and other fun looking stuff. I bought several deals recently and tried my first Zumba class this week.

I've seen the infomercials on Zumba and they always look like they are having so much fun! A friend of mine and I went together earlier this week for our first class. The guy at the front desk told another student there the instructor for the class "was tough." I thought to myself...this is not a good sign, shouldn't they give us the easy instructor first?

The class proved my theory, I am uncoordinated. It was so hard to see the instructor, wait for my brain to process the step and then wait for the appropriate body part to move the right way.

Each song seemed to be about 5-8 minutes and each had different moves, all quick and all requiring coordination with hips, legs and arms. After the first song I was sweating pretty hard and looked at the clock. "Fifty-five more minutes of this? Wholly cow!"

It was 60 minutes of fast paced sweaty fun. Not as much sweat as Bikram yoga but it was still a workout.

Everytime the instructor said "now you got it" I felt she was talking to me....and I would immediately lose the beat. Lol.

I'm definitely going back...


  1. I am glad that you weren't discouraged. Just like anything new it takes time to adapt your body to the new demands of the exercise. Staying active is what it's all about!

    Dr. D.

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