Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last of ACL Fest, another successful music festival!

Sitting under the big oak tree in the middle of Zilker Park with probably a hundred other people that scrambled to get into the gates, just then wait, get cgecked in and then RUSH down to the tree to claim a spot. The process reminds me of a scene in a movie, of which the name escapes me, where West bound settles rush to claim their stake to a piece of land.
I digress. The bands at ACL Fest are of course good, bad and fabulous...some all in the same set. There is something for everyone, techno, rap, hard rock, girl bands, boy bands, etc.

I must be getting old though, I prefer to sit in the back and listen, my poor ears and head can't take the loud pounding music. (I should have brought some ear plugs.) Maybe it's not so much getting old as it is just enjoying the ability to hear other people and things outside of a concert. My parents, who come this event every year too, love to go up front. I think their hearing is already gone, evident from the volume 10+ on the tv when I come home.

Sitting back in a comfy chair, drinking iced coffee from the very cool HOPE farmers market, enjoying a pancake wrapped sausage on a stick from Kerby Lane Cafe, watching the world and weird characters go by. I've been several bananas, a gorilla, green men, mouse heads, lace tights with equally bizarre tops, one indian dressed lady with purple hand print markings and a handful of other odd characters. Gotta love Austin.

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  1. Funny, it always seems that I hear people talking about the ACL fest as it gets closer. This year I didn't hear anything and would not have even known it happened if I had not read your blog. I feel old as well.

    Your parents are so groovy!

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