Saturday, October 23, 2010

I ran my tail off at the Walk, Wag Run 5K

I don't have a dog but the thought a short 5K to kick start my rebirth of running seemed like a good idea and the Walk Wag and Run 5K was near my house, always an incentive. My friend Jessica and her dog Callie ran with me. Not "with me" because I run slow, but with me in the sense they were running the same race I was, along with the other 1,000 + participants.

Jessica and Callie dressed up like Indians. I dressed like an Asian. Shockingly, no one wanted to take my picture, only Jessica and Callie's. There were also dogs dressed like skunks, footballs, cheerleaders, bulls, jesters and more. It was as if Halloween was just around the corner.

I ran yesterday in preparation for today. I roughly calculated what I ran and it came out to about 11:16 a mile which seems exceptionally good for me considering I haven't run in months. I was sweating like a race horse so I decided I must have run close to that and felt good about myself.

Today I started off well and managed to run the first mile without stopping, a feat in itself for me. I felt like I was running fast, well, fast for me, and I managed to only stop 3 or 4 times. Sweat was streaming down my face; about about 2.5 miles in I could feel sweat running down into my socks. Really?! for a 5K?! LOL

It's amazing what the body will do when you tell yourself you CAN do it and that you are fine, that the anxiety you are feeling is nothing - just breathe. I breathed like we do in yoga, in through my nose and out through my nose...ignoring any pain I was feeling in my legs. I rounded the corner near Winfrey Point and could see the end...I passed the 3 mile mark and told myself I could do it, kicked it up and finished at 33:29. That is a pace of 10:46 a mile, my second best time every for a 5K. I ran a 10:35 mile earlier this year at the Butterfly Boogie but in general I run between 11 and 12 minute miles. (This is due to the face that I run intervals, running 4 or 5 minutes and walking 1.) Running 10:46 a mile is quite an accomplish for me, especially since I haven't run in some time. Gives me hope I can run well for the White Rock Marathon Relay in December.


  1. I have never heard of this kind of thing before. It sounds like a great concept and something I am definitely going to look out for in the future.

    Congrats on the race :-)

    My Running Blog

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