Sunday, May 27, 2012

Casual Sunday in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach
Went to Manhattan Beach today for brunch at Creme de la Crepe and had a great omelet with chorizo, avocado, cheese and mushrooms. This place had so many yummy looking things it was hard to pick!

After brunch we walked along the beach and enjoyed the warm sand squishing between our toes while the cool breeze brushed across our faces. It was the perfect day to be on the beach. We saw a few trainees studying dialog but mostly it was locals enjoying the Sunday sun.

On our way back to the car we stopped at the Manhattan Beach Creamery and inhaled; the sugary sweets could be smelled for blocks. As we were about to leave I noticed this candy bra. It is made with the same candies on a string as candy necklaces only many more of the strands and it is a BRA! LOL

 Then we went to a clothing shop and these Nippets were for sale. There seemed to be a theme starting so I took a picture. These actually are useful for cold nights or even when you are teaching...yes, even in a hot room you sometimes get "a chill".

 Tomorrow the trainees go back to the yoga bubble. These trainees seem to enjoy their time off way more than I did. I only remember studying by the pool, going to do laundry and getting groceries. Good for them for getting out and seeing the world...or at least LA.

Typical succulent at the beach. I love how LA doesn't really have grass, all their ground cover are usually some type of succulent. This one has beautiful yellow and purple blooms.

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