Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot Yoga Origin is Traced Back to Bikram Yoga

I love how the basic principals of hot yoga are exactly what Bikram Yoga is all about, as if there was no other hot yoga! Yea Bikram Yoga!

The basic principle behind this is that this type of yoga, is that the heat pushes the muscles to work harder and therefore, achieve better results. “Essentially, hot yoga comprises a 90-minute long workout with about 26 asanas and some pranayama techniques,” shares Chandrakant, a yoga practitioner who trains TV artistes in Mumbai. “These asanas include a whole range of bends, twists, turns and even sitting postures that help to increase flexibility and add balance to one’s body,” he adds.

Read more here: Hot moves that slim | Deccan Chronicle | 2010-11-29:

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