Friday, September 3, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment Blew Me Away

My hair after getting a Brazilian Blowout Treatment
Since I started this whole new life as a yoga teacher, I seem to have let my "beauty" regiment go. I have stopped wearing makeup except for "going out", I mostly put my hair in a hair clip and drying my hair is only for pretty much the same times I wear makeup. It is just easier to wash and go, hair dries, well, however it dries...and because that isn't so great, it goes up in a clip. And make up? Forget about it. Not designed for a hot yoga teacher.

But last week, a Living Social deal caught my eye, Brazilian Blowout for $99 at The Beauty Box. A friend of mine had been talking a few weeks ago about the Brazilian Blowout and how she felt it would be good for us as teachers, giving us the ability to wash and go and still look good. I didn't think much about it, I mean, I have never gotten anything but a haircut at a salon and my last haircut was in Las Vegas for $9. You could say I don't spend a lot of money on my hair.

The deal intrigued me though and I read up on the treatment, watched several videos and read several reviews on the Brazilian Blowout process. I decided to take the plunge and buy it. Mine was more expensive because my hair is quite long now, it was $175. I figured if it allowed  me to wash and go faster or better, it might be worth it.

I booked my appointment for this past Tuesday. I was excited and nervous, there were mixed reviews from people at the yoga studio that were hair stylists.

The Beauty Box was well prepared to maximize the Living Social deal. They handed me a coupon sheet that welcomed me, gave me discounts on a haircut that day, products and $20 off for a friend. I pretty much assumed I would need a haircut, the reviews made it sound like all the imperfections of the current cut would be more pronounced with the treatment so the best solution would be to get a cut too.

Rosa was my stylist. She talked to me about the process and offered me the additional haircut at the value price of $75! Sheesh....I did get a discount but this is a far cry from the $9 I spent in Las Vegas. Of course, Rosa did a WAY better cut!

My hair from the front- Before

My hair from the back - Before
After washing my hair, which already made my hair look better, she dried it and put it up in various clips. She then painstakingly took tiny sections of hair and added the Brazilian Blowout product to my hair. I think it must be similar to getting  a hair color treatment. It took forever. She was very careful and I absolutely appreciated that but wow, I was there all afternoon! Then, after she was done, she put me under a hair drier for 15 minutes, then again used a hair drier to dry my hair. After blow drying it she carefully sectioned my hair again and flat ironed small sections.

At this point I confirmed with her in kind of a question like manner if she was going to then wash the product out of my hair and blow dry it again. She said no, I was going to leave with product in my hair and I couldn't wash or get my hair wet for 48 hours. WHAT?! Now the videos I saw showed a method were they washed it out and the person left with no product in their hair. This 48 hour rule was news to me. And seriously, how the heck am I suppose to do that when I teach and practice HOT YOGA?! So I asked....

Rosa suggested I take a few days off. I quietly laughed...inside of course. She also said to try and not pull my hair up. Uh, that isn't going to happen, I have to pull my hair up for each class. She said if I HAD to pull it up to use a fabric scrunch. Thank goodness I am a hoarder, I still have a 1990's scrunchy. Now about the wet part...oh, yea, don't get your hair wet for 48 hours. What about sweat? ANY water makes the product come out. Great. I pondered this news the rest of the time there.

As Rosa starts to cut my hair, I calculated how many times I would be in the hot room before I could wash my hair, I counted 5; teaching 4 and taking advanced once. Oy Vey.

Cut done. Verdict? My hair did look fabulous. Smooth, straight and well styled. But 48 hours? Really?!

My hair AFTER Brazilian Blowout - wow!
Back of my hair AFTER treatment
I left feeling like my hair looked fabulous but was worried about how I was going to make it 48 hours without getting my hair wet. I taught that night and carefully put my hair in my 1990's hair scrunchy. After teaching I quickly pulled the scrunchy out and dried my hair, then used a flat iron to smooth out the bumps.

I didn't make it 48 hours...I couldn't take it anymore, I had 4 classes of sweat in my hair, I felt gross. I had to wash my hair. I made it 40 hours though, that seemed adequate to me. I washed my hair with the special Keratin shampoo and conditioner I purchased at the salon and used the Keratin smoothing balm that was a necessary purchase as well.

I let my hair air dry. Amazing results. My hair was soft and though it didn't dry like if I had blow dried it, it did dry very nice, acceptable to just leave straight and actually go somewhere to eat. (With friends, not on a date.)

Today I washed my hair and blow dried it. Outrageously gorgeous! I am sure the cut has something to do with it but the overall look of the hair is so healthy and shiny, it would look good even with a bad cut. It took me just 10 minutes to dry my hair to this "ready to go out" look that would have normally taken at least 30 - 40 minutes. What a time saver! I am so happy with the results...I might have to eat ramen noodles for the rest of the year but I think it was worth it.

Here is the finished product, washed and styled
Whether I'll be able to keep up the treatments to keep my hair looking like this is unknown...The Living Social deal was truly a bargain, the regular price of the Brazilian Blowout seems to be $300 - $600. They have maintenance treatments that are cheaper but all of it is not exactly in a "yoga" budget.  For now though, I plan on enjoying the virtually hassle free hair.

If you plan on getting this treatment, do plan on spending a few extra bucks on a haircut and products. You might as well buy the products, if they help prolong the treatment, which is implied, then it is worth it.

Rosa and me


  1. She is wearing a sleeveless top. You once told me you hated getting your hair done when you can see someone's arms. This is no longer true? ( =

    Your hair does look gorgeous!! I was wondering how worthy this process would be. Too pricey for me though.

  2. Your new do looks beautiful!! Love it!

  3. I’m happy that you decided to try the Brazilian blowout treatment, as it can give your hair an all new look. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about your hair being frizzy and tangled. It is truly way better than being frustrated about bad hair days.

    Reda Pinard

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